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You are a jewel. period!

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“You Are a Jewel. Period!” 


Can you remember a time growing up when someone did something so special, that it has stayed with you even into adulthood?


I’ll share some of mine…


I can remember my Mother taking me and my siblings to jazz concerts in the park, getting hot chocolate at a downtown café, and gifting me with my first Barbie doll. I can remember spending time with an Aunt and being introduced to one of her favorite snacks, cream cheese and strawberry jam on a saltine cracker. I can remember my History teacher sharing words of wisdom that I heed to even now.


Would you also like to make a lasting impression and impact on your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or sister? Here is how you can do that as she begins a new chapter in her life; her period.

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“You Are a Jewel.  Period!” Gift Boxes.


Each period gift box is personalized that will leave her feeling special and confident.


Each box is delivered in discreet packaging for privacy and contains…

Words of affirmation

Sweet treats and scents

Feminine products


Lip balm

Note pad and pen

Compact mirror

Toiletry bag


These period gift boxes are available now for only $65.

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